If you need some financial advice, look to your credit union.  We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of investment products of any financial institution in the market today. The type of investment you choose depends on what your business's goals are.

Group Monthly Savings Plan ...through this convenient payroll savings plan, your employees can choose a savings plan that helps them build towards their savings goals each year.

Group RRSPs ...offering your employees an opportunity to contribute to an RRSP is a great way to help them plan for their future beyond their employment years.

Term Deposits ...allows you to maximize the earning potential on short or long term investing.

Financial Planning ...a comprehensive family of financial services and solutions.

Mutual Funds* ...Mutual funds combine the benefits of diversification and professional management with being affordable to the average investor.

Online Brokerage* anytime, anywhere with Qtrade Investor.


*Mutual funds and related financial planning services are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc.
Online brokerage services are offered through Qtrade Investor, a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc.